This release includes the following enhancements:

Release date: November 11, 2019

Test Impact Analysis for API Tests

You can now leverage test impact analysis (TIA) functionality for API tests in SOAtest. Designed for use in your automated test execution environment, TIA analyzes the coverage data for your application under test and identifies the tests that have been affected by changes to the application. SOAtest then uses the TIA output to execute only the subset of tests affected by changes.

See Test Impact Analysis for additional information.

SOAtest Smart API Test Generator is Now the Parasoft Recorder

The name change reflects the utility's evolution from a tool for capturing API calls to a more robust set of services that now includes the ability to record UI actions. The recorded actions can then be converted to Selenium tests using Parasoft Selenic.

See Parasoft Recorder for instructions on how to use the new functionality.

Support for Salesforce Lightning in the Smart API Test Generator

The SOAtest Smart API test generator can now quickly create API tests from browser interactions for applications created on the Salesforce Lightning platform. 

See Configuring Smart API Test Generation for additional information.

Data Repository CRUD Tool Updates

You can now edit JSON payloads using the Form JSON editor in the native CRUD tool.

See Data Repository CRUD tool for details.

Ignore Case Sensitivity for Virtual Service Correlation

You can now start Virtualize in a mode that ignores case sensitivity for the following elements when configuring message responder correlation for virtual services:

  • URL Paths 
  • responder correlation bodies
  • responder correlation data

See Responder Correlation Tab for additional information.

Define Variable Sets for Virtual Assets in CTP 

You can now define a set of variables to be referenced within your virtual assets. Variable sets eliminate the need to manually update dependent components, endpoints, or proxies associated with your assets when the environment changes. By updating the values in the variable set, any virtual assets that use the variables will automatically be updated. You can also reuse virtual assets and change the active variable set to quickly enable different environments.

Configurable Login Policy for User Administration in CTP

The use administration module for CTP (PSTSec) now includes the ability to configure a policy for responding to failed login attempts. 

End of Life for Project Center

The Project Center module shipped with DTP/Concerto has reached its end-of-life (EOL) phase and was removed in DTP 5.4.2. Connecting to Project Center is no longer supported. 

Additional Updates

  • Added the ability to start Virtualize in a mode that ignores case sensitivity for data source correlation.
  • Added ability to ignore missing resources when running SOAtest on the command line.
  • Added support for creating multiple regression controls from the parent test suite.
  • Added ability to dynamically set HTTP listener ports.
  • Implemented secure access to user administration and network license server.
  • The Event Viewer now shows decompressed payloads.
  • The Virtualize REST API has been extended to enable incoming requests to be converted to XML, which enables responder correlation to be set up programmatically.
  • Load Test script files must now be saved with UTF-8 character encoding. If you experience issues running your script, verify that the correct encoding is used.
  • IP addresses are now logged in the User Accounts page in CTP administration.
  • Added support for automatically populating elements with data source values in Form JSON view.
  • Debugging information in the console has been improved. The console now reports Parasoft system properties, as well as configurations that prevent performance servers from running optimally.  
  • The jobs search engine in CTP has been refined. 

Resolved PRs and FRs

CTP-4506Data set created incorrectly from a CSV file if Test Data custom separator is used
CTP-4507Store user login IP addresses in the database
CTP-4521Add support for variable sets in virtual assets
CTP-4538Data generator tool prompts save or discard popup without changes
CTP-4548Optimize search for test scenarios by only checking file name
CTP-4551Virtual assets with data repo data sources that cannot be reached can take over a minute to open
CTP-4556Secure access to user administration and network license server
CTP-4557Environments named "QA" show as ellipsis when adding test scenario to CTP job on Safari web browser
CTP-4559Jenkins job using EM plugin stuck in running state for over 5 hours
CTP-4560Unable to get request and response details from event monitoring
CTP-4578Adding new TSTs to job fails to save with bad JSON error
SOA-10645SOAtest crashes when reporting large numbers of violations
SOA-11001Abort Scenario on Any Error Option Triggers When XML Data Bank Element Value Is Empty
SOA-11778whitespace trimmed from text nodes when populating Form XML - Fixed traffic wizard
SOA-11840Validate Button Does Not Work for Parameterized Values on XML Numeric Difference Assertions
SOA-11849GC Overhead limit exceeded causing server to be unresponsive
SOA-11861Update Documentation to recommend Eclipse plugin for Mac installations
SOA-11866New column added to data group data source does not appear
SOA-11881JSON Assertor Extracts Entire Element as XML
SOA-11891Variables not in alphabetical order for some fields
SOA-11996Upgrade vulnerable 3rd-party dependencies with high severity used by SOAVirt WAR
SOA-11999Support creation of multiple regression controls from parent test suite
VIRT-3147Forward tool using http internal url does not send response headers
VIRT-3148Data Generator Tool attached to incoming requests does not recognize data source values captured in previous steps
VIRT-3157Message Proxy Does Not Accept HTTP Requests With Custom Method
VIRT-3167Generating PVA using JSON Message Traffic Creates Columns with Incorrect Names on Separate Data Sets
VIRT-3205Updating Repo With Data Learning Tool Creates New Record Type And Changes Associations Of Old Record Type
VIRT-3212Send user's remote address to CTP when authenticating
VIRT-3220Extend REST API for Virtualize Server to enable option to turn on the conversion of incoming requests in API call
VIRT-3222Performance degrading on Virtualize server with CRUD tool
VIRT-3224No xtest in java.library.path Error and SOL-0 as Machine ID on War Installation
VIRT-3225Upgrade vulnerable 3rd-party dependencies with high severity used by SOAVirt WAR
VIRT-3226PVA Created from Recorded Traffic Gets Null
VIRT-3311StubService wsdl not available over https
VIRT-3315Data repository table editor - cache "identity" to help performance
VIRT-3379Message Proxy changes semicolon to ampersand in URL

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