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In this release:

Security Compliance Bundle

The Parasoft Security Bundle is a package tools that provide visibility into your security compliance efforts. The bundle includes the Security Compliance Pack and OWASP Dependency Checker.

See Security Bundle to learn more.

Compliance Pack Updates

This release includes updates to the security and automotive compliance packs.

  • Support for new code analysis rules in C/C++test, dotTEST, and Jtest 10.4.2 releases.
  • Support for AUTOSAR C++14 version 18.10.
  • Compliance-related test configurations are now shipped with DTP compliance packs and are deployed as part of compliance pack installation.
  • Support for custom logos in PDF reports.

Refer to the Parasoft tool documentation for details about all recent changes.

Integration with Third-party Systems

DTP natively supports integration requirements and defect tracking systems, such as Jira and VersionOne.

These integrations are currently in beta.


You can associate your DTP projects with projects in Jira, which enables you to create new issues in Jira directly from the Violations Explorer and Test Explorer views.


Integrating Parasoft DTP with VersionOne provides several capabilities:

  • Ability to automatically update test results in VersionOne.
  • Ability to automatically create defects and issues in VersionOne when DTP detects test failures.
  • Ability to manually create defects and issues in VersionOne from the Violations Explorer view.
  • Ability to manually create defects and issues in VersionOne from the Test Explorer view.

VersionOne items created from DTP include build and authorship information, as well as links back to the test or violation in DTP. 

DTP includes also an API for processing the test associations and sending the data to VersionOne, which enables you to automate this process.

(info) The API for syncing VersionOne test cases with DTP is not currently supported for reverse proxy environments.

Improved DTP Enterprise Pack Deployment Process

  • DTP Enterprise Pack on Windows now installs as a Windows service. As a result, you can use standard Windows interfaces to perform administrative tasks.
  • You can now upgrade directly from 5.3.3 and later to the latest version of Enterprise Pack.

Integration with Parasoft Multi-Language Pack

Parasoft Multi-Language Pack is a collection of extensions that enable you to integrate your third-party code analysis tools with Parasoft DTP. Multi-Language Pack supports the following third-party analysis tools:

  • Android Lint (includes Kotlin language analysis)
  • GoReporter
  • JSHint
  • OCLint
  • Pylint
  • RuboCop
  • Scalastyle
  • SonarQube
  • SwiftLint
  • TSLint

Multi-Language Pack replaces functionality delivered by the Parasoft Custom Analyzer suite of tools. Contact your Parasoft representative for download and licensing information.

Test Explorer Updates

We made several improvements to the Test Explorer view.

View Tests Sorted by Test Duration

You can now add the Test Duration column to the Test Explorer view table, which enables you to sort tests by test execution time.

View Tests Sorted by Environment

The Test Explorer view now allows you to view tests according to the environment specified by the exec.env setting in the same filter. This setting is configured in the connected Parasoft test execution tool (C/C++test, dotTEST, Jtest, SOAtest).

Preserving Test History and Prioritization Metadata

Previous versions of DTP ignored this setting. You should manually set exec.env to an empty string when configuring your Parasoft tool settings if you want to preserve test history and prioritization metadata (e.g., Priority, Action) in Test Explorer. Refer to your tool documentation for details.

Test Parameters

Test parameters (if applicable) now appear in the Test Explorer Details tab.

LDAP Configuration

We've added a new option to the LDAP configuration interface called "ancestor groups" to improve the configuration process when a nested group contains both users and other groups. See Configuring LDAP for details.

The UI for previewing user and group imports will now only show one entry per login/name. Previously, the UI would show multiple users with the same login or multiple groups with the same name, even if only one user or group would be used during the import process. LDAP server behavior can vary widely across implementations, so we are unable to determine which user or group is selected across multiple previews or imports if the login/name is not unique.

Environments - Top 5 Table Widget

This new widget enables you to view tests aggregated by execution environment, such as operating system, architecture, compiler, browser, etc. See Test Widgets > Environments - Top 5 Table for additional information. 

End of Life for Project Center

The Project Center module has reached the end-of-life (EOL) phase and has been removed from this version of DTP. If you are upgrading from a version of DTP that includes Project Center, the Project Center module will not be supported.

Additionally, the legacy assets shipped with previous versions of DTP, which includes 9.x widgets, widgets, and dashboards, are also EOL. If you deployed the contents of the folder to your DTP environment and upgrade to version 5.4.2, those artifacts will no longer function. You should consider upgrading your code analysis and test execution tools to the latest version to leverage the full functionality of Parasoft DTP.

Policy Center is Deprecated

The Policy Center module shipped with DTP Enterprise Pack, as well as all Policy Center Practice artifacts, is now deprecated and will reach its end of life in a future release. Policy Center is now disabled by default and must be re-enabled if you want to continue using it. See Integration with DTP Enterprise Pack.

Additional Updates

  • Solaris is no longer supported.
  • The Rule Map editor UI has been updated and enhanced to simplify rule category management.
  • Searchable drop-down menus were added to the dashboard and widget configuration interfaces.
  • You can now search by build ID or data in the Build Administration report.
  • You can now search by rule name in the Violations Explorer.
  • The License Server Activity and Report Settings reports have been removed. 
  • DTP now ships with Tomcat 9.0.12.
  • DTP now ships with Java 8 Update 192.
  • Machine-locked licenses are now reserved for 30 days and are specified by machine ID.
  • The 100,000 violation default limit for Data Collector has been removed.
  • Data Collector widget UI improvements.
  • The Empty Project will no longer be created during new DTP installations. Existing Empty Projects will not be affected.
  • Assets deployed to your DTP environment with the Extension Designer no longer require you to restart DTP services.
  • Upgraded libraries to improve system security. 
  • DTP no longer supports the collection of data from 9.x versions of C/C++test, dotTEST, and Jtest. You must upgrade to newer versions of the language tools to Use DTP 5.4.2 and later. SOAtest 9.x is still currently supported.

PRs and FRs

The following PRs and FRs were addressed in this release:



Build Administration Search Feature
DTP-7980Unable to view coverage in Coverage Explorer
DTP-7708Upgrade jackson-databind library
DTP-7628Upgraded RichFaces library and added HTTPOnly attribute to session cookie
DTP-7172Search by rule name in Violation Explorer
DEP-2630Specify multiple lint results files in single multi-language pack report
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