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Development Testing Platform introduces the new database schema DTP for Report Center and Project Center. After performing the migration from Concerto to DTP, please follow the instructions in Installing MySQL Database Server for Windows to create this new schema.

Before migrating to DTP from Concerto, make sure you read the following chapters and make all necessary adjustments:

Migrating on Windows

  1. Stop Parasoft services. See Stopping Concerto Services.
  2. Run the DTP installation file.
  3. Accept the license agreement when prompted.
  4. Choose installation directory and set the short-cut option when prompted.

  5. Review the installation settings and click Install when prompted. A new installer dialog will take you through the process of uninstalling Concerto.
    Your files will be migrated to DTP. You may be prompted to delete data related to Concerto. Choosing Yes deletes everything in the Concerto installation directory. Data not stored in the directory, such as database content, is unaffected. Configuration files are copied to DTP during the installation prior to deleting Concerto files, but you should make sure that you’ve backed up your Concerto installation as a precaution.

  6. Choose Remove when prompted to Uninstall Concerto.

Migrating on Linux and Solaris

  1. Stop Parasoft services. See Stopping DTP Services.
  2. Run the DTP installation script with the -u option: 
    ./ -u DTP_HOME where DTP_HOME is the installation directory of the current Concerto installation. 

    You must type the full, non-relative path.

    Example: /home/parasoft/dtp but not ./parasoft/dtp

  3. When -u completes, run the script to start Development Testing Platform and the Data Collector. See Starting DTP Services

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