SOAtest associates SOA artifacts with the OER (Oracle Enterprise Repository), previously known as AquaLogic Enterprise Repository (ALER). This integration enables teams to automatically execute a quality workflow and correlate quality data in context of an SOA Governance initiative. SOAtest can automatically generate tests at the time the services are published to the OER registry—including functional test cases and WSDL verification tests to ensure WSDLs are compliant to best practices and organizational policies. Policy compliance results are then reported back to the registry and updated in real-time. This provides continuous visibility into a service's quality throughout its lifecycle. For details on this functionality, see Creating Tests From Oracle Enterprise Repository or BEA AquaLogic Repository

SOAtest tests JMS, EJB and web services on WebLogic (including WebLogic based WS-Security policies) as well as tests JMS, EJB and web services on the Oracle Fusion Middleware and other Oracle packaged application solutions

For database validation, SOAtest supports Oracle databases, including PL/SQL. This allows for data to be set, reset, and updated in a database as part of end-to-end scenario test executions— making scenario tests repeatable for automated execution, and allowing SQL queries to be executed in order to validate database content at select steps of your business transactions. Data may also be leveraged to parameterize and drive your tests. See DB for details.

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