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Creating and Deleting a Repository

To add a repository to one of the available servers:

  1. In the Servers tab, select the server on which you want to add the new repository.
  2. Click the Create icon.


  3. Specify a name for the repository when prompted and click Create

    Naming Your Repository

    The repository name cannot: 

    • Contain white spaces or non-alphanumeric characters 
    • Start with a digit 
    • Use underscores as the first or last character

Choose a repository and click Delete to permanently delete a repository and all of its data

Next Steps

There are several methods for populating your repository with sets of data. See Working with Data Sets.

Exporting a Repository

Exporting a repository creates a snapshot of the data repository. You can download the snapshot if you want to, for example, save a backup of the current state of the repository (see Downloading a Repository). You can also import the repository to other servers (see Importing a Repository). 

  1. Choose a repository from the server menu and click Export.

  2. Specify a name and (optionally) description for the export.

An export task will be created and shown in the Tasks tab. When the export is complete, you can download the repository file or import it into other servers.

Downloading a Repository

You can download a copy of your data repository if, for example, you want a local backup or want to distribute the data to other systems. Click on a repository to expand it and click Download.


Importing a Repository

You can import data from an exported repository to an existing repository (see Exporting a Repository). 

  1. Choose a server and click on the source repository.

  2. Click Import and specify a name for the repository and a destination repository. You can also add a description (optional). You cannot import a repository locked by another user. See Locking and Unlocking Repositories in CTP.

  3. Click OK. 

An import task will be created and shown in the Tasks tab.

Uploading a Repository

You can upload a repository file that you previously downloaded if, for example, you want to restore the repository or create a duplicate. 

  1. Choose the server that you want to upload the repository to and click Upload.

  2. Choose your repository file when prompted. 
  3. Enter a description (optional) and any notes (optional) and click Confirm.

The file will then be added to the list of repository exports. From there, it can be imported as described in Importing a Repository.

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