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You can lock a repository to prevent other users from deleting or modifying it (e.g., by importing data into it).

Any authenticated user can lock a currently-unlocked repository, modify a repository that he or she locked, and unlock a repository that he or she locked.

Admin-level users can also unlock any repository (no matter which user applied the lock). However, they cannot modify repositories that other users locked. If they wanted to modify a locked repository, they would need to unlock it first, then modify it.

If CTP is configured to allow anonymous access, TDA will not show which user locked each repository. To ensure that TDA shows locking details, disable anonymous access in CTP. 

Locking Repositories

Choose a repository and click the lock icon.

A lock image will be added to the associated repository, and the lock image’s tooltip will indicate that this repository is now locked by you. At this point, you are the only one who can modify or delete this repository.The Lock toolbar icon will be replaced with an Unlock icon.

Unlocking Repositories

Choose a locked repository and click the unlock icon. Remember that unless you are an Admin-level user, you can unlock only the repositories that you previously locked.


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