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Team Server was discontinued in version 2023.1. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2023.1 and have team configurations, rules and rule mappings stored in Team Server, you can migrate them from your Team Server to a shared location. Be sure that you do this before upgrading DTP to version 2023.1 or later.

To migrate test configurations, rules, and rule mappings from Team Server to a shared location:

  1. Navigate to your tool-specific folder (for example, SOAtest) on the Team Server. Locate the folders containing:
    • your custom task configurations
    • your custom rules and the rulemap.xml file with rule mappings 


2. Copy the files from the Team Server to the corresponding folders located in a project shared via a source control repository.

3. Specify the new locations of the folders in SOAtest:

Parasoft variables are resolved in paths defining custom configurations and rules.

    • From the GUI: Go to Parasoft > Preferences > Configurations and configure the locations to User configurations and User rules.

    • From the command line: Configure the following properties:


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