Release date: May 8, 2017

We have focused on three key areas with this release:

  • Broadening access to the testing solution through the thin client interface: Greater access enables teams to quickly initiate testing projects, facilitate correlation and collaboration, and seamlessly tie test scenarios to environments.
  • Solving data challenges through enhanced workflows: Providing quick and simple access to test data helps test designers create move efficient and effective tests.
  • Shift-left performance testing: Enables early stage performance testing by reusing existing test artifacts in performance tests and review results in the Web-enabled dashboard. 

Continued Enhancements of the Core Parasoft Products

Parasoft SOAtest and Virtualize are widely recognized as industry standard tools for enabling teams to quickly solve complex testing challenges. In a continued effort to improve functionality and ease-of-use we have introduced new tools and streamlined workflows to solve everyday challenges that developers and testers face.

In addition, Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition (CE) is now available for developers and testers to start simulating realistic test environments immediately . . . for free. CE enables individual users and small teams to experience core Virtualize features without any upfront costs.

New Tools and Enhanced Workflows

  • Data Generator tool enables you to generate reusable strings, numbers, and dates to use within your test scenarios. This tool solves the everyday challenges associated with unavailable or obsolete data by providing test designers instant access to data dynamically generated at runtime.  
  • REST URL Databank tool extracts and dynamically reuses common components of REST payload sections (i.e., host, port, path, and parameters). This tool simplifies the process of designing tests and virtual assets that leverage RESTful design principals.
  • Create Repository from Form input; We have streamlined the process of creating a Data Repository data source by adding the ability to create the structure and initial data directly from your test case. This enhancement will reduce the overall time of creating a reusable data driven test and allow for greater data collaboration 

  • Ability to abort a scenario on any error: This enhancement gives test designers greater flexibility when building test case execution flows. With this added logic users, can stop execution based on any condition (such as assertion failures), not just fatal errors.

Enhanced Deployment Options 

  • Purchase SOAtest and Virtualize Online: Download the SOAtest and Virtualize Professional Desktop edition, purchase a license online, and obtain an activation code. Enter the code when you start the product and quickly begin testing your applications against realistic test environments.
  • Expanded Cloud Deployment Offerings: In addition to our Azure cloud deployment options, Parasoft Virtualize is now available as a preconfigured Amazon Web Services image (AWS AMI). This provides teams of any size with instant access to the solution leveraging pay-as-you-go and bring-your-own-license licensing models.

Shift-Left Performance

Load Test Continuum (LTC), a is web enabled dashboard for reporting results from Parasoft Load Test, in this release we have enhanced both the user interface and the workflows for getting information into the reporting and analytics ecosystem. LTC can now also be associated with your SLAs to ensure your applications are performing according to your customer expectations. LTC is available as a war file distributed with SOAtest and LoadTest licenses are available at no additional cost to SOAtest Professional Desktop and Automation users.  SOAtest Desktop users have access to a license for five virtual users. SOAtest Automation users have access a license enabling 100 virtual users.

Enhanced Platform Support 

SOAtest, Load Test and Virtualize have been updated to support the following:

  • Upload reports directly to Parasoft Development Testing Platform.
  • RAML 1.0: SOAtest can now consume API data from latest RAML definition.
  • WebLogic 12: Parasoft Load Test can now monitor WebLogic 12.
  • Multi-user session support for application coverage: Code coverage from application/functional test sessions can now be associated with specific user IDs. Application coverage is enabled through integration with the Parasoft Jtest DTP Engine 10.3 or dotTEST DTP Engine 10.3. 

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release:

PR IDDescription
SOA-7527NoClassDefFoundError when sending Messages to Tibco EMS 8.0 using JMS
SOA-7525Update UserGuide to clarify Mobile Testing Support
SOA-7493Editor says "No valid license" when trying to edit Stub created from xsd schema when Stub Desktop feature is licensed
SOA-7489SOAtest server will not be started automatically when options "Start deactivated" and "Start server" in SOAtest are enabled
SOA-7389EOFException consuming MQ message with properties
SOA-1116Add option to automatically stop testing at first failed test
XT-33842Upload SOAtest XML report directly to DTP
VIRT-1924Virtualize server view to show authentication error state
VIRT-1917asset built with referenced project fails to deploy or respond in virtualizecli
VIRT-491FR: Support URL Parameter and Path Parameter extraction in a Data Bank

New in CTP 3.0.2

In this release we have greatly enhanced the API Testing and Service Virtualization modules in our thin client interface. This interface enables teams to quickly initiate testing projects and enables the entire test and development community to create test cases and virtual services through the intuitive browser interface. This functionality is powered by the SOAtest and Virtualize servers and can be easily deployed via Docker and cloud platforms.

New Tools and Workflows

This release includes new tools and significant enhancements to the thin client interface for API Testing (powered by SOAtest) and Service Virtualization (powered by Virtualize).

  • Requirement Traceability: You can now associate requirements with tests and suites. See Associating Requirements with Tests.
  • Ability to enable and disable tools, test clients, and responders. See Enabling and Disabling Tools.
  • Ability to quickly execute tests directly from the test scenario tree.
  • New Data Generator tool: This tool allows you to dynamically generate test data in any combination to seed data for use in your tests and virtual services.
  • Extensions Tool: This tool enables you to interface with the Extensibility API and extend tests with actions that may not be directly supported by built-in features. See Extensions Tool for details.
  • DB Client: This tool enables you to query databases to validate statements. See DB Client for details. 
  • REST URL Databank Tool: This tool enables you to extract the following values from a REST URL and store them in a data bank. See REST URL Data Bank for details.*
  • Write Tool: Easily convert output data into files. See Write File for details.

Support for RAML 1.0

The API Testing and Service Virtualization modules can now consume API data from latest RAML definition, extending our support for the latest advancements in development specifications for RESTful services. 

Expanded Cloud Deployment Options

Preconfigured deployment images for CTP and Virtualize are now available in both the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure marketplaces. These images can be licensed either 'on-demand' (managed by the marketplace) or via 'bring your own license' (BYOL).

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this update:

CTP-1643CTP API call that returns jobs based on systemID parameter
CTP-1641Shallow lock for System Diagram
CTP-1598Database errors in ActiveMQ thread when responders have long names
CTP-1571Environment Instance Dropdown does not properly change instance display
CTP-1568No visual indication of currently provisioned environment instance
CTP-1535Anonymous access users in CTP can alter artifacts 
CTP-1569Tomcat Error file Piling with duplicate key Error 
CTP-1637All Tests Receive the Status "Failed" if One Test Fails

*For Service Virtualization only; requires Parasoft Virtualize 9.10.2 or higher. 

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