You can associate requirements with test assets and test suites. SOAtest 9.10 or higher is required to use this functionality.

In this chapter:

Making New Associations

  1. In the navigator, click on the test asset or test suite you want to associate requirements with. 
  2. Click the add button in the requirements section.
  3. Enter an ID. A requirement type and an ID are required, but URLs are optional. By default, @req types are added, but you can click on the type field to change the requirement type.   

    The following types are currently supported:

    • asset
    • fr
    • pr
    • req
    • task
  4. Click Save.

Removing Associations

To disassociate a test with a requirement, select it and click the trash button.

Editing Associations

Click in a requirement field and make changes to edit an association.

Associations made at the test asset level are read-only in the Requirements section of test suites under the test asset. You must edit the association for the test asset  



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