The Selenic ID plug-in includes interfaces for contacting Parasoft support in the event that you have issues running Selenic.

Contacting Support

Choose Parasoft> Contact Technical Support to go to the Parasoft customer portal. You must register with Parasoft to use the customer portal features, which include downloading products, requesting licenses, and contacting support.

You can also use the feedback links in the Selenic perspective tool bar. See Working with the IDE Plug-in UI.

Generating a Support Archive

Parasoft support staff may request a technical support archive to assist with troubleshooting. The archive is generated during execution.

  1. To enable the archive, choose Parasoft> Preferences from the IDE menu.
  2. Choose Technical Support and enable the Enable option. 
  3. The archive is created in the working directory by default, but you can enable the Archives option and specify a custom location.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes.

Selenic will generate a support archive during execution that you can send to Parasoft support.

Support Statement

The following support policy describes the terms and conditions under which Parasoft provides support for Parasoft Selenic. Support covers Parasoft Selenic and its use of the Selenium framework, but support does not extend to a user's use of the Selenium framework.

In addition to support, Parasoft and their partners provide additional training and consulting services for requests relating to questions about the use of Selenium and/or creation of test scripts.

 Parasoft will address the following types of support requests:

  • Use and Operation: For questions about general use and operation of Parasoft Selenic. Support for these requests does not extend to questions specific to the Selenium framework, application under test (AUT), network, operating system (OS), hardware, database, or operational and environmental factors that are not within the direct control of Parasoft. Support does not include requests to create, modify, or maintain test scripts. 
  • Defect Reporting: A “defect” is categorized as an unexpected failure of Parasoft Selenic to perform appropriately in accordance with specific functionality or behavior as outlined in the product documentation. Any defects submitted to Parasoft support will be reviewed in a timely manner and a resolution schedule will be provided and regularly updated to the user. Support does not extend to the Selenium Framework. 
  • Feature Requests: Users may submit feature requests to add or extend the capabilities of Parasoft Selenic. Support does not cover extending the capabilities of the Selenium framework. 
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