For Eclipse:

  • Eclipse 4.2 or higher1
  • Parasoft Jtest 10.3 or higher

For IntelliJ IDEA:

  • IntelliJ 2017.1 or higher1
  • Parasoft Jtest 10.4 or higher

1 See IDE Integration for information about supported versions.

Before you start working with Unit Test Assistant, ensure that Jtest Engine is enabled and properly configured; see Enabling and Configuring the Engine for details.


UTA requires 2 GB of RAM or more for bulk creation (see Creating Multiple Unit Tests). If you create multiple test cases for a large code base, we recommend configuring your IDE to use 4 GB of RAM.

Supported Frameworks

The following frameworks are supported:

  • JUnit 4 4.11 or later and JUnit 5
  • JUnit4Parametrized
  • JUnitParams 1.0.6 or later
  • Mockito 1 (1.7 or later) and 2 (2.2.11 or later)
  • PowerMock 1 (1.6.5 or later) and 2 (2.0-beta.1 or later)1
  • Spring 3.2 or later 
  • Spring Boot 1.4 or later

Both Oracle Java SE and OpenJDK are supported. Other free and open source implementations may cause issues with the proper functioning of Jtest.

1 Junit 5 annotations are currently not supported in PowerMock; see

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