1. In your IDE, click Parasoft in the menu bar and choose Preferences (Eclipse), Options (NetBeans) or Settings (IntelliJ).

  2.  Select Engines.

  3. Enable the desired engine by checking Enable and specifying the location of the Jtest executable. 

    When you enable an engine, a default test configuration is made active for running code analysis. You can change the active test configuration (see Setting the Active Test Configuration), as well as add additional Test Configurations to the Favorites menu ( see Saving Test Configurations to the Favorites Menu).

4. Enable or disable the Launch on IDE startup option. If enabled, the jtestcli executable will be automatically launched when the IDE is started, which may speed up the first analysis run. This option is disabled by default.Ensure that the Jtest Engine version is the same as the Plugin. Updating the Engine requires reinstalling the Plugin.

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