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  1. Create a backup directory, e.g., C:\tmp\backup.
  2. Stop Parasoft services. See Stopping DTP Services or Stopping Concerto Services.
  3. Copy DTP files from the install directory and paste them to your backup directory. For example, copy files from c:\Program Files\Parasoft\dtp to C:\tmp\backup\db.
  4. Restart Parasoft services.


When you update DTP in Linux, an installation script ( -u) automatically creates a backup directory and copies system files. The backup directory takes the following format:

/concertodate_hour/, e.g., concerto070313_092706.

You can also manually backup DTP prior to upgrading:

  1. Create a backup directory:

    mkdir $HOME/backup
  2. Shut down the old DTP Server and Data Collector:

    cd $HOME/dtp/bin
  3. Run the script and shut down the Server and Data Collector.
  4. From the menu, select the following options: 

    (1) DTP Server (Report Center, Project Center, Team Server, License Server) [ENTER]
    (1) Stop Service [ENTER]
    q [ENTER]
    (2) Data Collector [ENTER]
    (1) Stop Service [ENTER]
    q [ENTER]
    q [ENTER]
  5. Back up DTP files: 

    cp -r $HOME/dtp $HOME/backup

Additional Notes

When upgrading DTP, a backup is automatically created in the same parent directory. For example, a DTP installation at /home/test/dtp would result in a backup at /home/test/dtpYYMMDD_HHmmSS, where YYMMDD_HHmmSS represents the date and time when the backup and upgrade were created. When crontab has been modified by your DTP upgrade script, the old crontab is backed up here: <DTP_HOME>/bin/cronguard.cron~ file.

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