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You can preserve your users database by backing up the database files. Backing up the users database is recommended if you are upgrading to a new version of DTP or as a precaution if need to make system changes.

  1. Stop DTP server and Data Collector. See Stopping DTP Services.
  2. Make a copy of the <DTP_INSTALL>/pstsec/db folder. This folder contains the following files:
    • pstsec.log
    • pstsec.script
  3. Restart DTP Services (see Starting DTP Services).

Migrating Users Database Backup

The following instructions describe how to migrate a backed up user database to a second instance of DTP:

  1. Make a backup of original machine's users database as described above.
  2. Stop the destination machine's instance of DTP server and Data Collector.
  3. As a precaution, make a back up copy of the <DTP_INSTALL>/pstsec/db folder on the destination machine.
  4. Delete the <DTP_INSTALL>/pstsec/db folder on the destination machine. 
  5. Copy the contents of the original machine's <DTP_INSTALL>/pstsec/db folder to the corollary location on the destination machine.
  6. Start DTP and Data Collector on the destination server. See Starting DTP Services.

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