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A gate is a mechanism in Parasoft for measuring compliance with one or more policies at a specific point in time. This DTP Workflow shows the policy compliance status for a project and gate so that development managers can decide whether to proceed to the next phase of the SDLC. You can add multiple instances of the widget to your dashboard and configure them to show the compliance status for each gate you may have configured in Policy Center. This provides an at-a-glance view of the overall policy compliance for the project. 

Policy Center is deprecated

Policy Center, as well as extensions for Policy Center, is deprecated in 5.4.2 and will reach its end of life in a future release.

In this chapter:


Installing and Deploying the Artifact

  1. Download and install the artifact as described in Downloading and Installing Artifacts.
  2. Click the Services tab and choose a category for importing the artifact. We recommend importing the Policy Center Gate Summary Widget to the DTP Workflows category.
  3. Choose an existing flow or create a new flow and choose Import> Library> Workflows> Policy Center Gate Summary Widget> Policy Center Gate Summary Widget from the actions menu.
  4. Click Deploy.

Widget Configuration

In DTP, add the Policy Center Gate Summary Widget to your dashboard as described in Adding Widgets. The widget is added to the Policies category by default.

You can configure the following settings:

TitleClick in the Title field to enter a new title for the widget.
ProjectChoose a project from the drop-down menu that has policies and gates defined in Policy Center. The project list only shows projects that have gates.

Choose a gate to point to from the drop-down menu. Gates are configured in Policy Center. See Defining Gates.

Exploring the Results

The Policy Center Gate Summary Widget is a "donut-style" widget with each segment representing a policy. 

If the project is in compliance with the defined policy for the selected gate, a green segment will be shown. 

Some policies allow you specify an unstable status, which are shown in yellow.

If the project is not in compliance with the minimum threshold for the policy, a red segment is shown.

You can mouseover a segment to view the details. 

Click on the widget to open the gate in Policy Center and view additional details.

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