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The Static Analysis practice defines the violation remediation policy for a project. It allows you to specify how many consecutive builds can contain violations and which severities must be remediated.   

Policy Center is deprecated

Policy Center, as well as extensions for Policy Center, is deprecated in 5.4.2 and will reach its end of life in a future release.


DTP and DTP Enterprise Pack 5.4.2


See Downloading and Installing Artifacts for instructions. 


The API driving the Static Analysis Policy Center Practice was updated in version 2.2. Disable previous versions of this artifact and install this version as a new practice. 

Adding Practices to Your Policies

A practice is a mechanism for monitoring and enforcing development and testing policies. Practices are added to policies, which are associated with a project. See Adding a Policy for additional information, including how to associate policies with projects.


  1. Specify how many consecutive builds can be reported before the violations must be remediated.
  2. Choose which severities to monitor.

You can add multiple Static Analysis practices to define thresholds for different severities.

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