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You can enable DTP to store information associated with user log-in and log-out activity in a separate log. This functionality is disabled by default. Open the <DTP_install_dir>/grs/config/RSConfig.xml configuration file and add the following entry to the <report-server-config> element to enable this functionaliy:


You can disable this functionality later on by setting the value to false.

When this functionality is enabled, information about user log-in events is written to a CSV-formatted file stored in <DTP_install_dir>/logs/user-access.log. The contents of the file can easily be imported into a spreadsheet. The file is rolled every month.

The log file contains the following information about log-in events:

  • timestamp
  • type
  • user login
  • if the user has administrator privileges
  • projects the user has access to

Example Log-in Entry:

"2016-01-20 13:13:35,483","LOGIN","user_login","true","Default Project,Empty Project"

The log file contains the following information about log-out events:

  • timestamp
  • type
  • user login

Example Log-out Entry:

"2016-01-20 13:13:35,483","LOGOUT","admin"

Viewing Users Logged In Report

This report enables you to monitor development team activity and make sure that available licenses are being used.

  1. Choose Report Center from the Administration drop-down menu.
  2. Choose to see users currently logged into DTP. 

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