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If the session has already been started, you will see a spinning cog wheel. If not, please start a session as described in Using the CAM GUI and proceed.

  1. Click on the session in progress and click New Test.
  2. Enter a session name, project, and build ID for your test and click Start Session. The project name and build ID are important metadata to associate with the test so that results can be merged correctly. 

    A session will appear under the agent name in the sidebar with a spinning gear icon to indicate that the information is being collected. From this point, the Coverage Agent will associate all collected coverage information with this new test until the test is stopped.

  3. Click New Test and specify a name. 
  4. Enter the following information about the test:
    • Requirement ID: 12345
    • Author: Your Name
    • Message/Outcome: 2+2=4
  5. Open the Calculator Application web page and exercise the application per the test requirements.
    1. Enter 2 in the Param1 field.
    2. Enter 2 in the Param2 field.
    3. Click the + button.
    4. Click the browser’s Back button.
  6. Enter test result information in the CAM window. If the result you observed is 4, then choose Pass in the Test Result section. Otherwise, choose Fail.
  7. Exit the web page and close the application. In order to flush the coverage data to CAM, you must end the AUT after running tests.
  8. All collected data will be associated with the name given to the above test.
  9. Click Stop Session and confirm that you want to stop the session when prompted.

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