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In this release:

Release date: July 13, 2023


Data Collector

    • Up to 90% performance improvement by processing multiple reports at the same time.
    • Optimization of database storage to slow the growth of database size for customers reporting large numbers of violations.
    • See Configuring Data Collector for more details.

Dashboard and Widgets

    • New Default Dashboard with build administration and data collector diagnostic widgets.
    • Updated layout of dashboard icons.
    • New Portfolio Coverage widget.
    • Fine grained statuses for Data Collector Diagnostics widget for more visibility.

Reports and documentation generation - Beta

    • New Verification Evidence report that can be downloaded as PDF which contains results of static analysis for selected filter and build. See Generating Verification Evidence for more details.

Docker and Kubernetes

    • Simplified directions for deploying DTP available on dockerhub.
    • Support for OpenShift environment.

Important Notes for Upgrades

Database Updator 294

This update rebuilds a database table that stores the names of files that have been analyzed by tools sending results to DTP. For DTP databases with large amounts of reported files, this may take an hour or more.

New License Requirements for Upgrades in Kubernetes Environments

Deployment in Kubernetes environments has been simplified. These changes affect the machineId. As a result, users upgrading DTP and/or License Server from 2022.2 to 2023.1 will need to acquire new licenses:

  • DTP users must acquire a new license for DTP and will need to acquire new network licenses for pre-existing tools.
  • License Server users will need to acquire new network licenses for pre-existing tools.

Additional Updates

  • DTP 2023.1 is shipped with Apache Tomcat 9.0.75 and Java Azul Zulu OpenJDK 11.56.19-ca.
  • Support for MISRA C 2023.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 15.
  • User Information Logged for Requests and Responses
    • For fresh installs, DTP will capture additional information, such as user identity and session ID, in log files. This is necessary for some users to be in compliance with certain regulations. Users who are upgrading should see DTP Server Settings and Configuring Data Collector to configure DTP to log this additional information.
  • Counting DTP Active Users
    • Depending on whether your DTP license has the "DTP Login-Based Active User" feature, active users are counted differently.

No Longer Supported

  • Using only the License Server feature in DTP, without enabling Report Center or other features in the Standard or Enterprise Edition, is no longer supported. Users who only need the License Server feature of DTP should migrate to License Server Standalone. See Migrating to License Server Standalone for more information.
  • Team Server, which was deprecated in DTP 2022.1, has been removed from DTP. If your Parasoft tools still store some data in DTP Team Server, see the data migration instructions in the documentation for those tools.
  • MySQL 5.6 is no longer supported.
  • Windows Server 2019 is no longer supported.

FRs and PRs

The following FRs and PRs were resolved in this release.

DTP-22719Unable to sync test cases with AzureDevOps
DTP-23596Cannot connect to Jira Cloud using new tokens; cannot connect to Jira Xray Cloud
DTP-23724"Flow Analysis Advanced Settings" in Static Analysis Settings is not available
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