DTP ships with a fixed instance of Tomcat server that is used to run the applications included with DTP. Refer to the release notes for information about any Tomcat upgrades associated with each release. The following instructions are intended to provide guidance if you need to upgrade the Tomcat server shipped with DTP and cannot wait until for the next DTP release. The instructions only cover the following specific upgrade scenario:

  • DTP version: 2020.1
  • OS: Linux
  • Tomcat shipped with DTP: 9.0.33 
  • Target version of Tomcat: 9.0.38

We cannot verify that upgrading Tomcat to any other version shipped with any other release of DTP will function as expected and is not recommended.

  1. Stop DTP, Data Collector, and Enterprise Pack. See Stopping DTP Services.
  2. Download apache-tomcat-9.0.38.tar.gz to download_dir and unarchive the .gz file:

    tar -xvzf apache-tomcat-9.0.38.tar.gz
  3. Rename the directory to tomcat:

    mv apache-tomcat-9.0.38 tomcat
  4. Delete web apps shipped with tomcat:

    cd tomcat/webapps
    rm -rf *
  5. Make copies of the following configuration files and save them outside <DTP_INSTALL>:

    • <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/conf/server.xml

    • <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/conf/catalina.properties

    • (Optional) Your keystore file if you are using a file other than the .keystore file shipped with DTP in the <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/conf/ directory

  6. Copy the new tomcat (9.0.38) directory into the <DTP_INSTALL> directory. This will upgrade Tomcat shipped with DTP:

    cp -rfv download_dir/tomcat/ <DTP_INSTALL>/ > cp.txt
  7. Verify that copy command has executed successfully by checking the cp.txt file

  8. Remove the existing ecj-4.13.jar library that is no longer needed:

    rm <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/lib/ecj-4.13.jar
  9. Copy the configuration files you saved from the original <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/conf/ directory (step 5) into the <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/conf/:

    cp server.xml <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/conf/
    cp catalina.properties <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/conf/
    cp <YOUR_KEYSTORE_FILE> <DTP_INSTALL>/tomcat/conf/.keystore 
  10. Start DTP, Data Collector, and Enterprise Pack. See Starting DTP Services.

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