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You can create and configure portfolios that show test and analysis data across projects. Portfolios are rendered through the Portfolio widgets:

Creating a Portfolio

  1. Choose Report Center Settings from the main menu (gear icon).
  2. Choose Portfolios from the sidebar and click Create Portfolio.
  3. Specify a name for the portfolio and click Create.
  4. Click Add Filters and locate the filters associated with the data you want to include in the portfolio. See Creating and Managing Filters for additional information about filters. 
  5. Click Confirm after choosing your filters.

Managing Portfolios

You can add and remove filters from an existing portfolio: 

  • Click on your portfolio configuration and click the dash (-) button to remove a filter
  • Click on your portfolio configuration and click Add Filters to locate and add additional filters to the portolio

You can also duplicate and delete portfolios:

  • Choose Portfolios from the Administration sidebar and click the trash icon to delete a portfolio.
  • Choose Portfolios from the Administration sidebar and click the duplicate icon to create another portfolio configured to include the same filters as the selected portfolio.

About Portfolio Permissions

Administration access in Report Center (grs) is required to create and configure portfolios (see Configuring User Permissions and Groups). 

Users with basic access can add the Portfolio widget to their dashboard, but they will only be able to see data for the projects of which they are team members (see Creating and Managing Projects). Administrators have access to the data for all projects.

No data will display in the portfolio widget on a shared dashboard if the user adding the dashboard does not have access to all project filters configured in the portfolio widget of the source dashboard.  

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