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A project is the name of an on-going software development project. Projects are the basis for aggregating and reporting data. This topic includes the following information:

Creating a New Project 

  1. Choose Report Center Settings from the settings menu.
  2. Click Projects in the Administration tab and click Create Project.
  3. Specify a project name and planned dates for the project in the Create Project overlay. Planned Start Date and Planned End Date are optional.
    Disable the Active option to hide the project until your team is ready to begin working on it.
  4. Click Create.

An empty project will be added to DTP and tTools can be configured to report code analysis and test execution data to the project.    

Renaming Projects

You can click in the name field and make changes to rename existing projects. We do not recommend changing project names, though, because you will have to manually update any code analysis and test execution tool (C/C++test, dotTEST, Jtest, SOAtest) configured to associate data with the project. See the Parasoft tool documentation for additional information about associating test and analysis execution with DTP projects. 

Deleting Projects

Click the trash button next and confirm that you want to delete the project when prompted.

Deleting Projects Vs. Deleting Project Data

Deleting a project does not remove project data from your system and vice versa. See Deleting Project Data for information about deleting project data.

Duplicating Projects

Click the duplicate button to make a copy of an existing project. The duplicate project will have the same Parasoft Tool Settings and teams as the original project.   

Configuring Projects

Refer to the following sections for details about configuring projects:

Adding Teams to Projects

Adding Resource Groups to Projects

Deleting Project Data

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