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The Tornado import wizard lets you import one or more complete Tornado projects into the C++test workspace.

The import wizard:

  • Allows importing of a single Tornado project file (.wpj), extraction and importing of projects from a Tornado workspace file (.wsp), and scanning a directory tree to find both Tornado projects and workspaces. This enables you to import all project files from a specified directory tree, together with all projects referenced by the workspaces found there.
  • Allows new projects to be placed:
    • Inside your workspace.
    • Over the original imported projects' locations - see the warning below to ensure that your original project is not deleted.
    • In a specified external location. If this option is chosen when multiple projects are imported, it places them in subdirectories of a selected external location, which is named after the original Tornado projects. If it is chosen when only one project is imported, it lets you prevent the creation of a subdirectory. In this case, the chosen external location itself becomes the project's location.
  • Offers an option to create linked resources to folders containing sources from the Tornado project. This option is recommended; otherwise, there may be no visible/testable sources inside your imported projects and you'll have to add them manually.
  • Offers an option to link resources relative to an Eclipse Path Variable (see Managing Eclipse Path Variables).
  • Sets the original Tornado project file as the options source for every imported project—i.e., it creates "Tornado project file"-based C++test projects.
  • Sets the appropriate C++test compiler family for every imported project according to the Tornado version and the tool-chain used in the original Tornado project.
  • Lets you choose the build configuration for every imported project:
    • If default is selected, then every imported project will use its default (active) configuration.
    • If you select a configuration name from the list of  configuration names read from the imported projects, then every project that contains the selected configuration will use it. Otherwise, the default will be used.
  • Adds "__VXWORKS__ " macro definitions to the compilation options (as described in Setting Target/Platform Dependent Options ).

Warning: Confirm Project Delete dialog

Be extremely cautious when deleting projects that have been imported over the original project's location. If you choose "Also delete contents..." (what you'd perhaps want to do normally) inside the "Confirm Project Delete" dialog, your original project will be deleted.

The import wizard is available from the GUI (see Using the Import Wizard in GUI Mode and during batch execution from the command line (see Using the Import Wizard in Batch (Command Line) Mode).

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