System Requirements

This section will help you verify that your system meets the minimum requirements for using Jtest.

Windows 64-bit

Linux 64-bit

Mac OS X 64-bit

* Jtest may allocate up to 2GB RAM for the Java Virtual Machine process. You can change memory allocation for the JVM pro-cess in the [INSTALL_DIR]/etc/jtestcli.jvm configuration file (-Xmx option).

IDE Integration

Parasoft Jtest can analyze locally buildable projects that are imported into your IDE. This section describes the requirements to import and work with findings in an IDE. To perform code analysis, ensure that your system meets the minimum system requirements.

(info) Multi-module projects must be built before analysis.

Parasoft IDE Plugins

To integrate Parasoft Jtest with your IDE, you need to install two plugins that are shipped with the product: the Parasoft Plugin and the Jtest Plugin for your IDE. Both plugins are required to work with Jtest from within your IDE.

(info) The plugins must have the same version.

(info) Ensure that the previous versions of the plugins and other Parasoft products are uninstalled from your IDE before you install the plugins.

Jtest supports Java 7 to Java 11.

Both Oracle Java SE and OpenJDK are supported. Other free and open source implementations may cause issues with the proper functioning of Jtest.

Unit Test Assistant Requirements

See UTA Requirements for the frameworks and IDEs supported by Unit Test Assistant.

DTP Integration

If you connect your Jtest instance to DTP, ensure that the DTP version your connecting to supports your Jtest version. For example, upgrading Jtest to version 10.4.3 requires upgrading DTP to the corresponding 5.4.3 version.