By default, all team members are added to Team Server and are assigned read-only privilege to data in the Team Server repository. The Named Accounts Configuration page enables you to restrict or limit access to Team Server data to team members as necessary.

Named Accounts allows for logical separation of data for different development groups within your organization. Although Named Accounts provides developers access to Team Server data, developers do not have any administration privileges. 

Test configurations stored in Team Server can still be executed by tools connected to Team Server (i.e., SOAtest, C++test, dotTEST, and Jtest) even if the users executing the test configuration are not members of the team associated with the shared assets. If the tool user knows the name of a project on Team Server, then he or she can set dtp.project in the .properties file to the project and execute the test configuration without being a member of the named account.

Unique user names should be assigned to users that need access to administration pages. You will also need to enable the following permissions: teamserver:administration:true. This can be done from User Administration. See Assigning Native Permissions.

Accessing Named Accounts Configuration

If the administrator is already appointed, the Named Accounts Configuration page is only accessible to that administrative user.

  1. Choose Team Server from the settings drop-down menu.
  2. Choose General> Named Accounts from the main menu to open the Named accounts configuration page.

Adding a New Account

  1. Open the Named Accounts configuration page and click [Add new account]
  2. Assign login information and a path prefix. The path prefix is a unique key that allows administrators to restrict the user’s access to specific data stored on Team Server. By assigning a prefix, administrators can organize data structure on Team Server in two ways:
  3. Click the [Add account] link to confirm the specified data and save the new user.

Modifying Named Accounts

Open the Named Accounts configuration page to modify existing user accounts. You can make the following modifications to any of the listed users: