This topic explains how to run a test from the SOAtest web service API.

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Related APIs

The SOAP-based API covered in this topic concentrates on management, deployment, and execution of test assets.

The REST API (described in Testing through the REST API) focuses on operations associated with creating and updating assets.


About the Web Service API

SOAtest's web service API enables web service clients to run tests on a remote machine running SOAtest.  Web service mode is available for the Automation Edition of SOAtest.  SOAtest can be started in web service mode as follows:

soatestcli -startServer -data <workspace_dir> -localsettings <localsettings_file>

The -data and -localsettings arguments are optional.

  • -data specifies the Eclipse workspace location containing your test cases (.tst files).
  • -localsettings specifies a properties file used to control certain global settings such as license password and Team Server settings.  For more information about these command line arguments, see Testing from the Command Line Interface - soatestcli.

When starting SOAtest in this way, the Start deactivated, release automatically when idle option (in Parasoft> Preferences> Parasoft> License) needs to be disabled. Otherwise, you won’t be able to add this server from another SOAtest installation’s UI.The SOAtest web service is described by a WSDL document. When SOAtest is running in server mode, this WSDL can be found at http://localhost:9080/axis2/services/SOAtestService?wsdl. The WSDL can be used to generate web service clients. Most web service platforms can generate web service clients from a WSDL document.


The web service has three main operations:

  • startTestExecution: Executes one or more tests.
  • getExecutionStatus: Geta the status of a test run that has been launched on the SOAtest server.
  • getResult: Gets the results of test runs that have been launched and completed on the SOAtest server.

For complete details on these and other available operations, see http://localhost:9080/axis2/wsdl-docs/SOAtestService.wsdl.xml (when SOAtest is running in server mode).