This topic explains how to preconfigure C/C++test during installation.

Preconfiguring C/C++test Settings

Preconfiguring C/C++test allows you ensure consistency of basic configuration settings across multiple machines before C/C++test is launched. See C/C++test Configuration Overview for details about sharing C/C++test preferences after installation.

To preconfigure C/C++test during installation:

  1. Create a localsettings file named parasofttest.ini that includes the options you want to use for C/C++test preconfiguration. See Configuring Localsettings for details on how to create a localsettings file and the list of available settings.
  2. Add the parasofttest.ini file to the C/C++test installation directory [INSTALL_DIR].

The settings specified in the parasofttest.ini file are used to initialize a clean workspace when you launch the C/C++test GUI. To apply the settings to an existing workspace, add the following setting to the parasofttest.ini file:


As a result, the settings specified in parasofttest.ini override existing settings during the first startup after C/C++test installation or reinstallation.


The following localsettings file configures the network license:


See Licensing for details about setting a Parasoft license.

Advanced Preconfiguration

C/C++test preconfiguration described in this section is only to be applied in advanced installation scenarios, such as silent installation; see Silent Installation.

Preconfiguring Locations for C/C++test Plugin for Eclipse

If you install C/C++test as a plugin for Eclipse, the location of the C/C++test installation directory and the default location of Eclipse to be used with cpptestcli are automatically detected on the first startup of Eclipse after the plugin is installed. The locations can be customized as described in Installing and Launching C/C++test. Alternatively, you can preconfigure C/C++test to specify the locations before you start working with C/C++test.

This section explains how to preconfigure C/C++test to specify the installation locations of C/C++test and Eclipse.

Silent Installation

Preconfiguring Eclipse Installation Directory

To pre-configure the location of the Eclipse instance you want to use with cpptestcli, create a .pathtoeclipse file that includes the absolute path to Eclipse and save it in the C/C++test installation directory <INSTALL_DIR>. For example:


Preconfiguring C/C++test Installation Directory

To preconfigure the location of the C/C++test installation directory:

  1. Create the file <ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR>/configuration/.settings/com.parasoft.xtest.checkers.eclipse.core.cpp.prefs.
  2. Configure the absolute path to the C/C++test installation directory with the cpptest_distro_loc option. For example:


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