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Once the database is set up, you need to run a script to create the tables, users, etc. that CTP will use. If you haven’t done so already, extract CTP from the download:

unzip parasoft_continuous_testing_platform_<version>.zip


If you are using MySQL on the same host:

    mysql –u root –p < mysql_db.sql

If you are using MySQL on a different host:

    mysql –u root –p –-host=<host> --port=<port> < mysql_db.sql


If you are using Oracle on the same host:

    sqlplus <user>/<pass> < oracle_db.sql

If you are using Oracle on a different host:

  1.  Edit oracle_db.sql line 13 and change connect em/em; to 

    connect em/[email protected]<host>:<port>/<sid>;
  2. From the command line, run

    sqlplus <user>/<pass>@<host>:<port>/<sid> < oracle_db.sql
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