If you want to move a system (and associated environments) from one CTP installation to another, you can export it from the current installation, then import it into another.

The exported system definition will include everything needed to re-create it on an empty Virtualize server. It includes PVAs, PVNs, message proxies, JDBC controllers, and repository data sources referenced by the associated environments. It does not include user permissions or any .tsts used in health checks or SOAtest Test Executor components.


To export a system definition:

  1. With the system you want to export a) open in Edit mode and b) saved, choose Export from the page-level action menu.
  2. After the export file is built, click the link in the Export System dialog, then save the archive.



To import a system definition:

  1. With Environment Manager's Workspace tab open and nothing selected in the System tree, click the Add System toolbar button.

  2. In the dialog that opens, select Import a system from file, then select the appropriate export file.
  3. Specify the target Virtualize server where you want the virtual assets and proxies associated with this system deployed, then click Import.

    Import with Data Repositories

    If the system you are importing includes data repositories—and you want to import those repositories— specify how to connect to the Data Repository Server where you want the archived repositories imported.

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