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This topic explains how to install the C/C++test Eclipse plugin into Wind River Workbench.


To install the C++test Eclipse plugin into Wind River Workbench on Windows:

  1. Run the C++test plugin installation executable.
  2. Choose the setup language.
  3. Read and accept the Parasoft license.
  4. Select the Wind River Workbench target platform type, then click Next.

  5. Specify the path to the Wind River Workbench installation directory, then click Next.
  6. Specify the path to the location where you want to install C/C++test, then click Next.
  7. Specify the path to the location where you want to install Parasoft Test - the C/C++test's component, then click Next.
  8. Follow the installation wizard and click Install when prompted.

After the plugin is successfully installed, the C/C++test's views are added to the System Development perspective. Additionally, a separate C/C++test perspective is available in Workbench.


For licensing:

  1. Choose Parasoft> Preferences.
  2. Expand Parasoft> License in the left pane.
  3. For machine-locked licenses:
    1. Select the Local option.
    2. Contact your Parasoft representative and provide the Machine id listed in the Local License section to receive your license.
    3. Enter your license expiration code and password in the Local License section of the License preferences page.
    For Network licenses obtained from DTP:
    1. Ensure the connection with DTP is properly configured.
    2. Select the Network option.
    3. Select the license edition you want to use from the Edition drop-down menu.
  4. Click Apply. The licensed options will be highlighted.

See Licensing for details.


You can do one of the following to uninstall the C/C++test Wind River Workbench plugin:

  • Use the Control Panel’s Add or Remove Program functionality
  • Run the Windows C/C++test installation executable and select the Remove option.

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