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This topic provides basic information about the capabilities of the C/C++test for ARM DS-5 plugin and explains how to install the C/C++test plugin into DS-5.

Integration Overview

The C/C++test plugin is integrated with the ARM DS-5 Eclipse IDE by means of the Eclipse plugin mechanism. C/C++test plugs into ARM's IDE by adding a link file into the RVDS installation directory. This link file contains the path to the C/C++test plugin, which informs Eclipse that the plugin should be loaded at startup.

The C/C++test perspective will be available in DS-5. 

Support Overview

Supported IDE Versions

For information about supported versions of ARM DS-5, see IDE Support.

Supported Compilers

For information about supported compilers, see Compilers.

Known Limitations

Depending on the runtime testing features included in the test executable, the prepared test binary may be significantly larger than the original application. In some limited environments, there may be an issue with the amount of available program memory. A similar limitation applies to the additional consumption of heap and stack memory during program execution. To solve this problem, you may need to modify the program layout in the memory and change the size of available stack/heap.

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