A Data Bank tool extracts a JSON or XML value from an incoming request so it can be used to populate an element of the associated response. With CTP, you can add Data Bank tools to the incoming request of any available message responder. Additionally, you can edit Data Bank tools that were added to a responder's incoming request using Virtualize desktop. 

To add a new Data Bank tool to a virtual asset:

  1. If you haven’t already specified a message request template within the responder, do so now (see Adding and Editing Message Responders for details).
  2. In the left pane, select the message responder whose request you want to extract a value from.
  3. Choose the appropriate Add Data Bank command from the page-level action menu.
  4. (Optional) Modify the name of the newly-created tool.
  5. Configure the tool as described in Configuring a Data Bank.
  6. Save the new tool configuration.

The new tool will be attached to the incoming request of the selected message responder.

For details on how to access the extracted values, see Parameterizing with Data Source and Data Bank Values.

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