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Changing the default make command line template allows C++test to modify make runs that are used for collecting the compiler/linker flags. For more details, see Important Note - Forcing Make to Unconditionally Build All Targets.

You can modify the make command line template for every project separately at creation, or you can change the default. This modification is not necessary, but it is recommended. If you skip it, you will need to configure the make command line for all newly-created projects in the New Project wizard.

To change the default make command line template:

  1. Choose Window> Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences panel, select Build Properties.
  3. At the top of the Build Properties page, select the type of project that you are working on from the Specify default build properties for new box.
  4. In the Build Properties page’s Build Support tab, modify the make command line template so that the “%makeprefix%” marker comes after the “make” command. For example, “make%makeprefix% --no-print-directory”. This action should be repeated for all project types you want to test.


C++test will expand the “%makeprefix%” marker to the “-B” make flag, which forces unconditional rule execution. This prevents the loss of compiler linker flags for build components that make considers "up to date."

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