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  1. Choose Parasoft> Preferences.
  2. Click the Reports node.
  3. Enable the Detailed report for option and select Line Coverage in the metric box. Only one coverage metric can be viewed per report.

  4. Click Apply and close the overaly window.
  5. Select the ATM project as the test scope and choose Parasoft> Test Using> User-Defined> Run Unit Tests (Project Scope). This will run all of the generated tests for the project.
  6. Open the Test Progress tab (labelled using the name of the last Test Configuration run).
  7. Click the Generate Report button in the upper right corner of the Test Progress tab.


  8. You can verify the Reports preferences again. You may need to select the Detailed coverage report option needs to be selected before the test configuration is executed.
  9. Create a directory in the file system for storing report files.
  10. Modify the value in the Produce in field to point to the reports directory you just created, then click OK to generate the report.

    A summary report will be generated and opened in the editor window for review. The report files will be generated in the specified location.

  11. Note that if the tests immediately preceding the report generation contained violations associated with users, the Author section will show a list of users associated with the data in the report. Clicking on a user name will open a detailed report for that user.

  12. In the coverage section of the summary report, click Detailed Report to open a detailed report of the coverage data.

  13. Note that the detailed report displays color coding of covered, not covered, and partially covered lines of code.

  14. Use the tree in the left panel to navigate to the code of interest. Click on the filename to view the coverage information.

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