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  1. Upload C++test to a directory on the headless Linux host, e.g.:
    scp ./cpptest_9.4.0.36_linux.tar.gz [email protected]:/tmp/cpptest/cpptest_9.4.0.36_linux.tar.gz
  2. Log into the headleass Linux host and navigate to the directory where C++test should be installed, e.g.:
    ssh [email protected]
    cd /tmp/cpptest
  3. Unpack and launch the default C++test installer, e.g.
    tar xfz cpptest_9.4.0.36_linux.tar.gz

  4. Accept the defaults when prompted (recommended) or modify as needed. C++test and Parasoft Test will be installed:

Setting Up the C++test License

The license can be set as either a local license or through a license server.

Local License

  1. Obtain the machine ID. You can run a simple command to accomplish this task, e.g.
    cd /tmp/cpptest/parasoft/cpptest/9.4
    ./cpptestcli -data ./workspace -config "builtin://Effective C++"

  2. Create a local settings file with license settings:

License Server

  1. Configure the local settings file with license properties:

Testing Headless Installation

  1. Prepare sample project for testing, e.g.:
    cd /tmp/cpptest/parasoft/cpptest/9.4/Examples/ATM
    make CC=”../../cpptestscan g++”
    cd /tmp/cpptest/parasoft/cpptest/9.4
    ./cpptestcli -data /tmp/cpptest/workspace -bdf ./Examples/ATM/
    cpptestscan.bdf -localsettings /tmp/cpptest/settings

  2. Execute Coding Standards run of C++test CLI, e.g.:
    cd /tmp/cpptest/parasoft/cpptest/9.4
    ./cpptestcli -data /tmp/cpptest/workspace -config "builtin://Effective C++" -report /tmp/cpptest/reports -localsettings

  3. When the test finishes, generate a test report, e.g.:
    cd /tmp/cpptest/reports
    elinks ./report.html

Testing Team Server Configuration

  1. Configure team server connection via local settings file. You can alternatively change license settings to use local license. E.g.:
    cd /tmp/cpptest
    vim ./settings

  2. List available test configurations
    cd /tmp/cpptest
    ./parasoft/cpptest/9.4/cpptestcli -data ./workspace -list-configs -localsettings ./settings

  3. Choose and run an available team test, e.g.:
    cd /tmp/cpptest
    ./parasoft/cpptest/9.4/cpptestcli -data ./workspace -config “team://Coding Standards Nightly” -localsettings ./settings -report./reports2

  4. When the test finishes, generate a test report, e.g.:
    cd /tmp/cpptest/reports2
    elinks ./report.html


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