Support Overview

Green Hills MULTI integration is provided as follows:

  • C/C++ compiler support (e.g., ccppc, cxppc)
  • Importing of Green Hills MULTI (non-INTEGRITY) projects (.gpj)

The following test configurations are built into C++test for testing Green Hills MULTI projects:

  • Run GHS Tests for launching unit testing
  • Run GHS Application with Mem Monitoring for launching application monitoring

The following properties are available in Green Hills test configurations.

  • Debug Server Name is the simulator that will be used to run the test (i.e. simppc)
  • MULTI board setup script (.mbs) (script) is the board-specific setup script.

The properties can be accessed in the General tab under Execution in the test configuration settings.

Standard test configurations, such as Generate Unit Tests and Generate Stubs can also be used for Green Hills projects and are recommended to help ensure code quality.


  • Compiler (e.g. ccppc, cxppc) must be on the PATH if the full path isn't specified in the C++test project build options.
  • Debugger (multi) must be on the PATH.
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