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To install C++test:

  1. In Windows Explorer, locate and double-click the C++test executable.
  2. Answer the questions asked by the installer.

During installation, C++test can be added into the main Visual Studio installation (recommended) or a separate configuration can be created. When the separate Visual Studio configuration mode is selected, the C++test plug-in will be available only when you launch C++test from  C++test's "Launch Visual Studio with Parasoft C++test" shortcut from the Start menu. It will not be available when Visual Studio is launched in any other way.

C/C++test cannot be installed if any previous versions of Parasoft C/C++test (or Parasoft dotTEST) are installed to the main Visual Studio configuration. In order to install C++test, either remove the previous C/C++test version or (re)install the previous C++test version to a separate Visual Studio configuration.

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