This release includes new features, as well as enhancements to the existing functionality.

In this release:

Multisession Application Coverage for Web Applications

The coverage collection functionality has been extended to track coverage for multiple users that are simultaneously accessing the same web application server. dotTEST's coverage agent can be configured to associate coverage information with individual users, which allows multiple QA engineers to perform parallel testing of web applications.

Suppress Findings Locally on Your Desktop

When you suppress findings in your IDE, the suppression information can now be stored locally on your desktop - without impacting suppressions that are shared across the team via DTP or your source control system. Locally suppressed findings can be reviewed and unsuppressed right in your IDE. For details, see Suppressing Findings.

Static Analysis Customization with Rule Maps

Enhanced rule mapping facilitates quick and flexible implementation of your organization's development policy. You can create rule maps to change the properties of static analysis rules executed by dotTEST, such as severity and category, and associate them with test configurations stored in Development Testing Platform.

Other Updates and Enhancements

  • Licensing: Calculation of the license machine-ID has been updated to support deployment within AWS and Azure cloud environments.
  • Improved performance of the analysis run in the IDE.
  • Support for analyzing the code-behind of .asmx files.

Resolved FRs and PRs

PR/FR IDDescription
DT-8998Unable to collect dynamic coverage from IIS application
DT-9321Invalid command line generation in UI when running multiple web projects
FA-4924BD.TRS.MUTEX potential false positive -addreturnvaluecontraintonerrorto.NETTRSmodels


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