Release date: September 29, 2017

We have focused on three key areas with this release:

  • Integrating continuous testing and service virtualization into your existing continuous delivery pipeline: Simplify your CI through easy-to-use Parasoft plugins that facilitate continuous testing from common continuous integration server software (Bamboo, Jenkins, VSTS, and Team City).
  • Forging a sustainable testing path: As test creation and communication methods evolve, behavior-driven development (BDD) and IoT protocols are becoming more common. BDD support through Cucumber has been added to SOAtest, enabling high-level business staff to create meaningful API tests. We've also enabled tighter integration between functional testing and your IoT environments through industry specific protocols, keeping you ahead of the curve.
  • Enabling greater access to realistic test data: Introducing Test Data Modeling! Tackle data challenges head on with brand new Parasoft functionality specifically designed for re-purposing test data. Capture, mask, model, and generate data through an easy-to-use new module in Continuous Testing Platform. 

Parasoft and Continuous Integration

You asked, we listened. We've extended support for continuous testing with new plugins for industry standard CI servers. The plugins enable you to view and interact with SOAtest test results directly in your CI process. As a result, automated integrations can be tested and the results can pass or fail the build with specific information.  

Parasoft Findings Plug-in for TeamCity

The Parasoft Findings plugin collects test results from the Parasoft report XML files and display the number of passed/failed tests and result details in your TeamCity environment. The results can also be displayed as trending data in a graph for a simple visualization.

See the following websites for details: 

Parasoft Findings Add-on for Bamboo

Parasoft Findings creates a post test-execution task that integrates your Atlassian Bamboo project with Parasoft functional and unit test results. Parasoft SOAtest 9.x, C/C++test, Jtest, and dotTEST are supported. The task collects test results from the Parasoft report XML and displays the passed/failed test indications and result details. The results can also be displayed as trending data in graph form for additional analysis.

See the following websites for details:  

Forging a Sustainable Testing Path 

The ability to quickly react to new and emerging technologies is a major advantage SOAtest and Virtualize provides. BDD and IoT present new and exciting opportunities for test case creation and development. The Parasoft Marketplace includes the following new extensions that support BDD.

Cucumber Executor

This integration enables you to execute Cucumber scenarios in SOAtest, eliminating the labor and difficulty of manually coding step definitions.

See for details.


The Parasoft WebSocket Transport Extension extends support for the WebSocket transport to applicable messaging client tools in SOAtest. This enables you to take full advantage of SOAtest's rich interface when configuring, sending, and validating messages sent over WebSockets. The WebSocket Transport Extension supports messages sent over the WS or WSS protocols per the RFC 6455 standard.

See WebSockets for details.  


The MQTT Extensions add the ability to communicate over the MQTT protocol. You can use the extensions on the client side to perform many tasks: 

  • Publish to a topic.
  • Subscribe to a topic filter until the desired number of messages are received or a specified duration elapses.
  • Monitor a topic filter during test execution to perform validations on the events that occur. 
  • On the server side, you can use the listener extension to subscribe to a topic filter and publish to a topic based on the incoming subscription messages.

See MQTT Extensions in the marketplace for details.

Additional Updates

Introducing Data Modeling for Test Data Assistant (Separate Licensing)

As Agile, DevOps, continuous delivery, and other moderniziation initiatives reach maturity, testing teams struggle to keep pace. Access to sufficient test data is a particular challenge exposed by security breaches many organizations have recently experienced. In addition to brand erosion and lost customers, governments have called on organizations to meet stronger compliance requirements. 

Parasoft can help by enabling organizations to capture, secure, and repurpose meaningful data with the test data modeling functionality that is now available for the Test Data Assistant (TDA) module of Continuous Testing Platform. Test teams can transcend data obstacles to increase test quality and efficiency.

Key Features

Data Masking

Hide sensitive data in your data source by applying new values that replicate shape of the real data but do not have the actual values. Compliance initiatives such as GDPR and PII bring strict penalties for organizations that fail to secure their production data. Parasoft data masking technology blocks testers from even using pieces of their own production data, ensuring that your sensitive data is safe to use in testing environments.

Data Modeling

Complex relationships within data often hamper organizations' ability to create meaningful data structures to drive their tests and virtual services. Parasoft data modeling technology allows you to easily visualize, manipulate, and re-reuse even the most complex data. 

  • Infer constraints: TDA can automatically learn the "limits" of your data elements, as well as understand the type of data and values are contained in the repository.
  • Modify data model by adding and deleting new members and references
  • Display/render of data repository models

Data Generation

Even when you understand the data requirements, getting access to large quantities of data to drive your tests and virtual services can be tedious and time-consuming. Through Parasoft’s data generation technology eliminates this constraint by automatically generating test data into new data sets from models. You can generate data using different techniques:

  • Range - Define the data constraints and the number of rows to generate and TDA will fill out the values in order.
  • Random -  Define the data constraints and the number of rows to generate and TDA will fill out the data randomly.
  • From Seed - Define an external data set for the values and TDA will use the "seeds" as data values during generation. 
  • From Formula - Define formulas to generate values. You can use existing data and predefined functions (Concat, DateShift, Addition) to assemble new dynamic data during generation 

Data Reuse

You can use data generated from TDA directly in SOAtest and Virtualize or you can export the data as CSV or JSON and use it anywhere.

Additional Enhancements to Test Data Assistant

The Test Data Assistant module includes the following additional updates.

  • Support for SOAtest data - now you can see your SOAtest data in TDA. You can manage and repurpose SOAtest and Virtualize data in the same interface.
  • Create a simple table from CSV
  • Create a data repository from a schema (e.g. XSD)
  • Copy a row in the data repository, while preserving its hierarchy. This simplifies adding new data to existing data repositories.

Resolved PRs and FRs

The followoing PRs and FRs have been addressed in this release.

VIRT-2154Add sha256 digest method to XML Signer/Encryption Tools
VIRT-2036New API Create PVA from Schema
VIRT-2030EM Role Provision Does Not have Access to Virtualize Server Content
VIRT-2025EOF exception when trying open PVA created from database (jdbc) traffic
VIRT-2022Chained Messaging Client doesn't pass in context for one arg methods
VIRT-2021Performance Profiles and Data Groups for VirtualAssets in REST API
VIRT-2016DeployStub should not allow absolute path for tst location
VIRT-2003Message proxy not correctly forwarding URL query parameters with encoded values
VIRT-2001Header Data Bank Screenshot and Instruction Clarification for Responders
VIRT-1979Virtualize hits file with corrupted date and high number of hits
VIRT-1952JDBC Driver calling setObject when user calls setNull
XT-33394DB2 universal driver not recognized by DB data source
SOA-8881API Coverage reports service as "unknown" if Swagger File Has a "/" BasePath
SOA-8874Invalid host created in environment after generating test from a Swagger without a host declared 


Inconsistent server execution time reported by SOAtest in the HTML report
SOA-8300SOAtest/Virtualize Java crash during start up 
SOA-8713Update label used to show Server Response Time in Traffic Viewer
SOA-8267Parameterization in Alter tab for Databank does not work
SOA-8193Changes to Extension Tool scripts for added scripting languages do not get saved
SOA-8140Ability to configure headers that are usually ignored when creating tests from traffic
SOA-8123SOAtest proxy wizard does not record traffic when IP used as hostname
SOA-7943Changing a Reference Test doesn't refresh tests using it and documentation doesn't state a restart is needed
CTP-1773SQL error durinng generation of Oracle database backup through CTP
CTP-1867Custom logo not showing up in CTP
CTP-1947Failed to lazily initialize a collection of role error thrown when jobs are run
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