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Specifies the desired report format:

  • HTML - includes XML source data file
  • PDF
  • SARIF (Static Analysis Results Interchange Format)
  • XML SATE - format specific to NIST SAMATE Static Analysis Tool Exposition
  • XSL Custom
  • xUnit - a format that is like JUnit, with the addition of nested test suites. This format is supported by Jenkins, Hudson, Eclipse JUnit view, etc.. It is applicable only with Overview of checked files and executed tests enabled.
XSL fileIf you chose custom XSL as the report format, specify the path to the XSL file that defines your custom format. 
Report file extensionIf you want to use a file extension other than the default .html extension, specify that extension here.
Generate additional archive with entire report content

Enable this option to generate an additional compressed archive (.zip) file in the specified report location. The ZIP file contains all the files generated to build the report. 

This option can generate an archive for any report format (e.g., HTML, CSV, PDF, etc.). 

By generating an archive, you can also perform custom transformations of the report because all of the elements are generated to the specified destination folder.