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Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Team Services) allows you to create projects, manage code, and set up a continuous build and release process. Plugins expand Azure DevOps functionality by integrating with third-party platforms, including Parasoft Service Virtualization.

Installing the Parasoft Continuous Testing Extension for Azure DevOps makes  makes several Parasoft tasks available to add to your pipelines. The Parasoft Deploy Environment task creates a simulated test environment so that the correct data, endpoints, and functionality are always available during a build/release process. The Parasoft Destroy Environment task instantly cleans up the simulated test environment once the build/release process has completed. Both of these steps are available as release tasks in Azure DevOps.

Other tasks include the Execute Job task for running test jobs hosted on the Virtualize server, as well as the Disconnect task for ending the pipeline session with Parasoft CTP.  .  Refer to the Continuous Testing Extension for Azure DevOps documentation for details about configuring and using the tasks included with the extension.

Refer to the Using Parasoft in Azure DevOps section for details on how to configure Azure DevOps to grab the source code for a demo web application ("Parabank") from the Parabank GitHub repository, build the code on a hosted build machine, and release the resulting .war file to a dedicated Azure VM. It also demonstrates how to use the Parasoft "Deploy" task to provision a simulated test environment needed to test the Parabank application.