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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space FUNCTDEV and version SOAVIRT_9.10.5_CTP_3.1.1

Development Testing Platform (DTP) enables teams to configure or update team-wide settings, such as license and report settings, and propagate them across the team’s Parasoft installations. Choose  Choose Parasoft> Preferences to open the Preferences dialog and select Development Testing Platform.


  1. Click Configure to open the Project drop-down menu and select your current project. The menu will be populated with the projects you have access to if your DTP connection is configured correctly. Contact your DTP administrator if your project is not available. 

  2. Click Next and specify the settings you want to automatically configure based on the preferences stored in DTP . Settings you enable in this panel will automatically be updated when the settings are updated in DTP. See the DTP documentation for configuring project settings.


  3. Click Finish to save the project settings.


  1. Open the Parasoft Preferences panel (Parasoft> Preferences).
  2. Open the Concerto page.
  3. If your team’s Concerto server is not already listed under the auto-detected servers list, configure the server connection settings.
  4. Click the Configure button in the General Project area and choose your Concerto project from the drop-down menu. If your project does not appear, contact your Concerto administrator. If you’re working with multiple Concerto projects, return to this setting to switch from one project’s settings to another.
  5. Click Next and specify which settings you want to import for that project. 
  6. Click Finish and verify the connection status. The status of the main connection is shown on the Concerto page. Follow the Configure links for more details on the status of specific elements (e.g., License, Report Center, Team Server). 

  7. Update any machine-specific settings, such as settings that use local paths by disabling the Use Concerto settings option on the appropriate preferences page and manually configuring the settings. If you override imported settings and later want to restore them, click the Restore Concerto Defaults button on the related preference page (to restore specific settings)