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Team City is a continuous integration build system where Web Service may be installed on a different machine than its builds agents.  

IntegratingdotTESTwith Integrating dotTEST with TeamCity

  1. InstalldotTESTon a machine or machines where the Team City build agent is installed.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    - Choose "Team City" on the "Select Build System for Integration" tab during installation and follow the wizard instructions.
    - Run the following command manually and follow the wizard instructions: [INSTALL_DIR]\Integrators\TeamCity\deploy.exe
  3. If TeamCity does not automatically recognize and deploy its plug-in to the build agent, restart TeamCity server and build agent services in Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services.

Configuring a TeamCity ProjectfordotTESTTeamCity  Project for dotTEST

  1. Launch TeamCity web services.
  2. Choose Projects> [Project Name].
  3. Click Edit Project Settings.
  4. Create a build configuration or edit an existing configuration.
  5. At configuration step 3 under "Build Steps", add a build step.
  6. Choose ParasoftdotTESTrunner.
  7. Complete fields on the form.
  8. Save the configuration.
  9. Ensure that at least one agent is capable of running the configuration (see Step 8 "Agent Requirements").
  10. Run the Configuration.