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titleCreating a Repository Data Source for SQL Data Sets?

If you are creating a data source for use in Virtualize’s SQL Responder tool, be sure to change the Type setting from Data Set to SQL Data Set:


Configuring a SQL Data Source


  1. Use the Rows controls to indicate the range of rows you want to use. If you only want to use selected rows, click the Range button, then enter the desired range (assuming a one-based index) by typing values into the From and To fields. For example, to use only the first 10 rows, enter 1 in the From field and 10 in the To field. To use only the fifth row, enter 5 in the From field and 5 in the To field.
  2. Specify the database to which this data source will connect.
  3. For Database type, select the type of database you want to connect to. The driver for the specified database type must be available on your CLASSPATH.


    titleUsing a different type of database

    If the database you want to use is not listed under Database type, select Custom. You can then specify a driver class in the Driver class field. Type the path to the appropriate JDBC driver class, including the package name.

  4. Specify the settings for that particular type of driver. Settings will vary from driver to driver.
  5. In the SQL Query area, type or copy the SQL query that expresses which data you want to use. A preview of the resulting data will be shown in the Columns area.
  6. (Optional) Enable Close connection if you want to close the connection to this database. It is recommended when you plan to use the data source only once, and it doesn't need to wait for another command. It is not recommended when you plan to have multiple data sources all connecting to the same database. In that case, all of the data sources can share a connection—and do not need to waste resources on a new connection each time.