As Parasoft updated and enhanced our API for the new extension framework introduced in version 9.5, several changes were made that might impact any extensions and customizations you and your team implemented in earlier versions of Virtualize. This topic explains Extension Framework API changes that might impact your existing customizations (custom extensions, Extension tools, scripted actions, etc.).

Section include:

Scripts Written in Java


The method now returns java.lang.Object instead of undocumented type DataSourcePosition.

Impact: This is a deprecated method. It was previously used to indicate that the Extension Tool used a data source. This can now be accomplished by toggling a checkbox in the UI. If you previously used Java for scripting, the script will need to be updated to avoid a NoSuchMethod error at runtime. DataSourcePosition has been removed from the interface definition, but the object is of the same type, meaning that a cast will be required if you are getting a handle to the returned object. If scripting was implemented without Java, there is no impact.



These methods now throw IOException instead of DataSourceException.

Impact: DataSourceException has been removed from the interface definition. Before recompilation, any Java code that handles DataSourceException will need to be updated to handle IOException instead. If scripting was implemented without Java, there is no impact.

Custom Extensions - Message Listeners


No longer available.

Impact: This object shows up only in the methods of ICustomMessageListener, but all API for these methods mention the interface ICustomListenerConfiguration. Undocumented public methods in AbstractCustomConfiguration can no longer be used.


No longer available.

Impact: None. This was extended by CustomMessageListenerConfiguration. This class only provides a single method named get() that is still available in the listed classes even though they no longer extend this class.

Event Logging from Extension Tools or Scripts


No longer extends undocumented type SimpleEvent.

Impact: Undocumented methods from the superclass can no longer be used.

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