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Test configurations are collections of settings that determine how tests are executed and reported. Test configurations are defined in .properties files located in the <INSTALL>/soavirt/WEB-INF/configs directory. Edit these settings to customize test execution.In this section:

Run Automated Server Tests Configuration

The  "Run Automated Server" file contains the following settings:


This setting enables/disables functional test execution. Set this property to true to enable functional test execution. Default is true.




This setting enables/disables the "Test Traffic [All Tests]" section in the API coverage report. The section contains traffic for all test executions, whether or not the tests were successful. Set this property to true to include the Test Traffic [All Tests] section in the report. Default is true




This setting specifies the total amount of traffic data (in KBs) stored during a test execution session, not the amount of data stored per test. The com.parasoft.xtest.execution.api.web.report_successful_traffic setting must be enabled for this property to take effect. Only data from successful tests will count toward the limit if the com.parasoft.xtest.execution.api.web.report_successful_traffic property is enabled. The default is 500.




This setting determines if coverable resources from the service definition are included in the API coverage report. If a constrained SOAP Client, REST Client, or Messaging Client tool touches a coverable resource, coverage information will be associated with the appropriate resource/operation. The following service definitions are supported:

  • OpenAPI/Swagger
  • RAML
  • WADL
  • WSDL

Default is false




This setting enables/disables API coverage calculation for a user-defined list of coverable resources. You can specify the resources in the com.parasoft.xtest.execution.api.web.service_coverage_table setting. 

Coverage can be calculated in addition to, or instead of, the automatically-calculated coverable resources. 

Default is false.


This setting specifies a list of resources that should be included as part the API coverage calculation. Specify a semicolon-separated list of definitions using the following format:


The following definition types are supported:

  • OpenAPI/Swagger
  • RAML
  • WADL
  • WSDL



In this example, the property would include coverage information for the following resources:

  • WSDL@
  • OpenAPI/Swagger@file:///C:/openapi3.0/examples/v3.0/petstore.yaml
  • OpenAPI/Swagger@http://localhost:8080/soavirt/api/v5/def

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