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This topic explains how to installVirtualize from a Eclipse p2 update site.  


When installing from the update site, you need to install the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF). You can download and install Eclipse GEF from

  1. Launch Eclipse and choose Help> Install New Software.
  2. Add the p2 update site zip file as follows:
    1. Click the Add button. An Add Site dialog will open.
    2. In the dialog’s Name field, type Parasoft.
    3. To the right of the Location field, click the Archive button, then browse to the appropriate zip file (obtained via your Parasoft representative).
    4. Click OK. The Install panel will display the available features.
  3. Select the features that you want to install, then click Next and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.
  4. (Recommended) Restart the application.

Mac OS Installation Using the Eclipse Installer

If you have installed Eclipse on Mac using the Eclipse installer, you will need to start Eclipse from the command line before using the update site.

 A valid license is required. See Licensing for details on configuring your license.

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