This is one the most common types of Message Responders.

It simplifies the use of SOAP by providing a form view for configuring responses from message types defined in a WSDL. Each Message Responder responds to incoming request messages that match its Responder Correlation criteria. Responses can be configured in a variety of modes, ranging from simple fixed messages to dynamic parameterized messages using a data source. Message Responders are protocol agnostic, but the transport protocol or API to access a responder is defined in the deployment configuration of the PVA.

You can create a SOAP Message Responder tool directly from the Add Responder wizards. This responder is preconfigured as follows:

Resource ModeWSDL Service Definition
XML Message TypeSOAP
Response tab viewForm Input

Form Input mode allows you to define and parameterize SOAP payloads via a graphical interface (as described in Form Input View Options).

All of the available configuration options for this type of message responder are covered in Message Responder Overview.

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