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This section provides an example of how to update the SOAtest and Virtualize Server for WildFly. See WildFly Example Deployment for new installations.

  1. Extract the contents of the WAR file into <UNZIPPED_SOAVIRT_WAR>
  2. Open the <UNZIPPED_SOAVIRT_WAR>/WEB-INF/ configuration file and specify the following:
    • Ports used by WildFly, e.g., server.port.http=8080 or server.port.https=8443. The ports specified in must match the ports specified in the WildFly configuration
    • License
    • Workspace
  3. Compress the contents of the <UNZIPPED_SOAVIRT_WAR> back into the WAR.
  4. Start <WILDFLY_HOME>/bin/jboss-cli.bat and run the connect command.
  5. Run undeploy <OLD_WAR>.
  6. Run deploy path/to/<NEW_WAR>
  7. Browse to http://localhost:8080/ (adjust the port if needed). One of following messages confirms that the application was updated correctly:

    No virtual asset or proxy found at this path: / 

    Enabled virtual assets:


    There are no deployments on this server. Cannot respond to this request: /.

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