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Virtualize ships with an extensive set of tools to help you achieve your various goals. You can also extend the tool set by scripting your own tools or integrating third-party tools into the Parasoft environment.

Customizing Tool Settings

You can customize any tool’s settings by modifying options in the tool’s configuration. 

Double-click the tool's Virtual Asset Explorer tree node to access this panel.

Chaining Tools

You can chain a tool to a responder so that it operates on an incoming request.

  1. Right-click the Virtual Asset Explorer node to which you want to add this tool.
  2. Choose Add Output.
  3. Select the desired output type on the left and the desired tool on the right.

If you are using a custom responder or EDI / CSV Fixed Length Responder, you will have the option of attaching a tool the payload converted to XML (incoming request) or they payload modeled as XML (outgoing response). This is in addition to the standard payload options, which add the tool to the payload in its native format.

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